How Sensory Toys help your Child fight Insomnia or Anxiety and help in keeping the focus?

Sensory sheets


If your child struggles with sensory processing issues like insomnia or anxiety, you know the uphill battle they face in managing information, learning new skills and everyday life.

Sensory issues make it hard for children to receive information and respond to it through their senses. They face aversion to anything that triggers their senses, be it sound, light, touch, taste, or smell. That’s why it becomes difficult for these kids to use common, everyday products with ease.

That’s where sensory toys come into the picture. They help the kids struggling with insomnia, anxiety, and other sensory issues live healthy and playful life. There are numerous kids’ bed sheets, learning toys, washable sock bag, sensory sock, and many other kinds of products available in the marketplace specifically dedicated to sensory kids. 

Sensory toys can easily stimulate a child’s five senses and help them develop these senses in a safe and natural environment.

In this blog post, we’ll see the most common sensory issues kids usually struggle with and the sensory toys that can help them.

  • If your child struggles with insomnia, sensory bed sheets can help. 

Some sensory tools, for example, sensory sheets, create the right amount of pressure under their hood, the kind of pressure which is not overpowering but comforting. It makes the outside world appear hazy, blurred, and soft. The best part about such sheets is that the longer individual snuggles in them, the calmer they feel. This helps kids get a sound sleep for a longer period. 

The brand drsquish is well known for producing such sensory sheets. For example, Kids Single Bed Sheets is one such sensory bed sheet by drsqiush which is popular among kids bed sheets. They are fabricated with high-quality breathable material that is soft, silky, and stretchy. This delicate fabric provides deep pressure therapy, which helps young kids get sound sleep quickly, and in turn, regulates their mood swings and improves the positive behaviour quotient overall. 

This sheet is also instrumental in reducing anxiety and stress levels. The sheets are lightweight and make kids feel safe and secured. In winters, these bedsheets can be a great addition to the traditional weighted blankets.

  • Does your child struggle to focus? Sensory swings can be a blessing in disguise.

Kids with developmental disorders like autism and ADHD easily get distracted. They scuffle to stay in the present moment. Sensory toys help them improve their concentration skills in a light, playful environment. 

A great example of such a sensory toy includes sensory swings. Sensory swing is one of the best learning toys that provide enormous sensory input to kids’ vestibular system. That’s why they play a significant role in improving the attention span of the kids. 

It’s important to be a little cautious while using sensory toys. No doubt, sensory swings can be one of the best educational toys; some kids freak out or throw up by the name of ‘sensory swings’. It’s wise not to force kids to take rides if they don’t feel comfortable. 

  • Sensory bags encourage the development of motor skills

Muscle movement and balance is a major challenge for kids with sensory issues. Certain sensory toys allow practising movement in a safe and beneficial environment. These tools immensely help children with autism and refine their motor skills.

For instance, sensory bags are small manipulative objects that help improve children’s motor skills. Dr Squish’s sensory bag does a phenomenal job at strengthening a child’s muscles and bones. Made up of 80% Nylon, this washable sock bag is a full-body sensory bag whose stretchy high-quality fabric goes easy on the skin and offers a soothing experience. It is durable and easily washable and is available in bright multi-fun colours.

  • For battles of anxiety, soft toys like sensory bears can be a solution

    Sensory Bears

Sensory toys help kids to calm down and relax. They engage their minds in a fun and playful environment. As a result, their confidence boosts up, and anxious habits like nail-biting and thumb-sucking reduce to the bare minimum. They feel less scared or discomforted and more elated and excited.

Sensory soft toys, like sensory bears, can play a crucial role in toning down anxiety levels. Sensory bears make them feel protected and safe. They exude friendly and comforting vibes when kids hug them tightly. Dr. squish Sensory bear is a premium example of such learning toys.

  • If your kid doesn’t understand the sense of touch, sensory sheets can be a good choice.Sensory sheet

Kids who suffer from sensory issues don’t quite understand the concept of touch. Their sense of touch and feel is impaired. Squishy sensory toys and sensory sheets can help kids understand and accept the concept of touch decently. They allow the kids to experience the sense of touch in new and fun ways. 

Sensory Sheet Twin is the perfect example of the same. Sensory Sheet Twin is a twin-sized bed sheet that will make your kids want to go to sleep. It’s so effortless to get in and out of bed, after all. Like the kid’s bedsheets, the stretchy fabric of this sheet is cool and unique and makes your kids feel grounded. It is multicoloured and features a fun design that makes your kids giggle every time they snuggle in. The sheet wraps around the mattress well and doesn’t fall off the ground. 

  • Relaxing sensory experience

Commonly used blankets are generally weighted and restricted. The sensory sheet is a smart alternative to this issue. The sensory sheet facilitates a safe sensory space for kids to harmlessly explore their senses and analyze their brain’s reaction to the same. This also gives them a learning experience and prepares them for the same when they are away from home. 

Sensory sheets, once again, knock it out of the park when it comes to relaxing sensory experiences. One of the many examples of kids bed sheets is sensory sheet full. Sensory Sheet Full is a premium example of a full-sized bedsheet. It is a multicoloured fabric and is composed of 85% polyester and 15% spandex. The fun and unique design of the sheet makes it all the more irresistible. 

 In conclusion 

Sensory issues can become a roadblock in the normal way of living. If you’ve got a sensory kid of school-age or more, sensory tools can foster their learning journey and promote healthy growth. They bring regulation and increase the participation of children in the educational spectrum. 

This is it for this blog post. Did you like any sensory tool listed above? Let me know in the comments below!