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  • *Dr Squish sensory sheet,pouch,sleeve may help to improve sleep. Its high quality breathable fabric is soft, silky, stretchy, fun, cool with providing deep pressure therapy. Helps give the swaddle feeling to help safe and secure. It can also helps rolling out of bed. Our prime goal is to help improve sleep which can assist with positive behaviour and mood changes. Perfect for summer and in winter you can always put a regular or weighted blanket on top. It can assist many with reducing anxiety
  • ***Light weight yet gives the compression feeling to help feel safe and secure. Helps not rolling out of bed.
  • ***Cool material opposed to or in add-on (in winter) to traditional weighted blankets
  • ***Stretchy, fun feeling that kids love. soft texture can help reduce anxiety. Great for children on the spectrum or have sensory processing disorder., ADHD etc. No annoying tags either.
  • ***Great for children on the spectrum or have sensory processing disorder.

Single / King Single, Double

  1. Caitlin

    Amazing! My toddler slept through the night for the first time in months! Very happy with this product!

  2. ARG

    My son struggles with ADHD and weighted blankets were always a struggle for him.
    We have had this on his bed for over a week and I am singing my praises!

    He LOVES to sleep in his “bed sock” and he sleeps through the night! We haven’t experienced a Night terror episode at all since it’s been on!

    If you have a little one who struggles with tossing and turning, sensory sleeping, I Highly recommend trying out this item!

  3. BoyMomx3

    I waited two weeks to write this review because if you are like me and a parent of a sensory kiddo, you know things can work for a couple days. Then your sweetheart acclimates and you are back to where you started. Well, we are two weeks out and this is still working, better than a weighted blanket! My son has ADHD, SPD, and restless body (he would tent his legs, sit when sleeping, look like he is wrestling). He would be up waiting for 6:30am every morning because he isn’t allowed up before that. And I knew sleep factored into what kind of day we would have. Weighted blankets work but I had to check multiple times during the night because he would knock them off. No more!!! He actually sleeps in!!! His sensory issues are better from getting more sleep and he even gets in bed during the day when he needs to calm down or read.
    I would only say if your child had trouble with waking up to go to the bathroom at night this might be cause some apprehension until they got use to it.
    The sheet has been durable, washed well, and survived a very rough and tumble 8yo so far. The print also helps it look more like a regular sheet versus yet another “medical” thing. It looks normal.
    I would definitely buy again and highly recommend!!!

  4. mireille weese

    Good quality
    Just what I needed for my child that likes to toss and turn and roll!

  5. Mld0203

    This works great for keeping blankets and sheets on skinny camper bunks! Not thick enough to use by itself and I don’t love the print, but works for our purpose. Would love to see more neutral colors to match RVs

  6. Amber Plowman

    Perfect 👌 product for our sensory needs in our home. I have a 7yr old nonverbal autistic son. He love tunneling. ALL in all a great buy, awesome product, great quality 😀! Two thumbs 👍 👍up

  7. CA

    Snug as a bug in a rug, But not a bug, a kid. They love it.

  8. Jaime

    Our special needs daughter has always struggled with sleeping through the night. I purchased this after it was suggested by a neighbor who also has a special needs child. I cannot believe it not only works, but works SO WELL! As long as my daughter stays under this, she hardly moves and most importantly sleeps through the entire night! Sometimes she even burrows under it.

  9. Kathryn T

    My 7 year old sleeps better with this. She use to toss and turn all over and this helps keep her from falling out of bed. It is lightweight and she loves the print. It did come with a strong odor but washes right out.

  10. BigSouthernFam

    Works as described. It’s a pretty thin material, but soft to the touch. After only 3 washes it’s already a little pilly and has a rougher feeling, though. My daughter gets hot in it easily, so a more breathable fabric would probably be better. It DOES provide gentle compression or a feeling of being snug. I haven’t noticed an improvement in sleep, but probably because she gets too hot.

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