Flamingo/Crocodile sensory sheet Double


Dr Squish sensory compression sheet, blanket, pouch, sleeve great alternative or addition to traditional weighted blankets. Single Bed size is strechy, breathable and comfortable for a great night sleep

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  • *Dr Squish sensory sheet,pouch,sleeve may help to improve sleep. Its high quality breathable fabric is soft, silky, stretchy, fun, cool with providing deep pressure therapy. Helps give the swaddle feeling to help safe and secure. It can also helps rolling out of bed. Our prime goal is to help improve sleep which can assist with positive behaviour and mood changes. Perfect for summer and in winter you can always put a regular or weighted blanket on top. It can assist many with reducing anxiety
  • ***Light weight yet gives the compression feeling to help feel safe and secure. Helps not rolling out of bed.
  • ***Cool material opposed to or in add-on (in winter) to traditional weighted blankets
  • ***Stretchy, fun feeling that kids love. soft texture can help reduce anxiety. Great for children on the spectrum or have sensory processing disorder., ADHD etc. No annoying tags either.
  • ***Great for children on the spectrum or have sensory processing disorder.


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