Circles sensory bed sheet Twin bed size


Sensory Sheet – Sleeping Sleeve – Comfortable Compression Bedding – Twin Bed Size – Cuddle Blanket is Light – Stretchy Quality Bed Linen by DR Squish

Size Twin
Color Multi Colour
Fabric Type 85% Polyester, 15% Spandex
Pattern Dr Squish
Brand Dr Squish

About this item

  • COMFORTABLE AND LIGHT WEIGHT gives the Its stretchy fabric which is cool, fun unique design will help kids want to go to bed. compression feeing. Makes you feel grounded.
  • GREAT COMPRESSION SHEET or BLANKET. more cost effective. Kids love to snuggle into this sheet helping feel safe. Easy to get in and out of and will not fall off the bed while you sleep.
  • DR SQUISH SENSORY SHEET, BLANKET, POUCH, SLEEVE, CUDDLE SHEET, bedding is for Adults, kids alike. cuddle sleeve or cuddle sheet can feel secure and safe.
  • FUN UNIQUE DESIGN is available in Twin and Full size which aids compression, giving grounded feeling.
  • EASY TO PUT ON, QUALITY WOVEN FABRIC is washable. The sleeve or sheet slides over a fitted or bottom sheet on the bed. Fabric is breathable. Can aid falling out of bed as it wraps around the mattress.


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