About us

Having two young boys (4 and 6 years old), both presented with behavioural issues. I tried everything, I provided incentives for good behaviour through reward charts and punished poor behaviour with time out, and diverted attention when poor behaviour started. Every parenting classes you can imagine, and specialist recommendations, you name it, I did it!

After lengthy discussions with the doctors (many doctors) the next logical step was medication. I really didn’t want to go down that path because it seemed to be a bandaid solution and one that could go on for many years. Instead I started my own research into what I could do without the use of medication. And out of this in-depth and tried/tested research – Dr Squish was born.

At Dr Squish we specialise in a line of sensory products that help kids feel secure and safe in-turn reducing or removing the need of medications; this what I found with children who suffer from diagnosed Autism and ADHD. Dr Squish is even named after my son Lukas.

Our products may help calm and regulate your child’s mood. My kids are diagnosed with Autism, ADHD  and sensory processing disorder and I find our products really help. We hope they help yours kids too. 

In my opinion through my personal experience as a mother, the benefits are

It may help feel grounded with the compression feeling. As the sensory bed sheet wraps around the mattress and is a firm fit, the material presses down on them, giving them gentle pressure.

May help sleep - feeling safe. With the sensory bed sheet, they can feel more secure and safe, which helps them sleep - All night Hug.

May help falling/rolling out of bed. The sensory bed sheet is one piece. The sheet won’t fall off the bed during the night. As they are under the sensory bed sheet, the sheet wraps around the entire mattress to prevent falling.

May help feeling hot or cold at night with the breathable high-quality material. Breathable material and stale air can’t get trapped like they can under a regular sheet. It’s like a sleeve, and It slides over the mattress.

Great place to hide when they need that moment. Try not to stir them up as it’s fun and a great place to hide under. Go/hide when they need their moment alone to block out noise or whatever is upsetting your Lil one.

Easy to put on.


Fun unique design.

⇒ NOTE – Currently available in SINGLE bed size (Australia). TWIN and FULL in the USA This size will also fit a king single. The sensory bed sheet will be slightly tighter. Not recommended for children under 3.